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Horse Transport

Please Note: Due to unforeseen circumstances, DDHT is currently unable to provide our valued customers transport services.

We operate with top line equipment which is regularly serviced and maintained. Our truck has air ride suspension with fully adjustable extended length, angled bays to allow us to transport all size horses with ease.

We have full stallion dividers on all bays to allow us to transport young horses free standing. This also means they are unable to get their heads around the divider: A big safety feature when transporting all horses!

We offer your horses excellent ventilation for optimum air flow while travelling. We monitor your horse’s movement and condition through our surveillance cameras.

We don’t carry an online watering system as the risk of transferring disease runs too high. We make regular stops where your horses are stabled overnight, watered, fed and rugged as required.

Darling Downs Horse Transport’s truck
Darling Downs Horse Transport, Toowoomba Australia